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TygonŽ Tubing


TygonŽ A-60-F IB
(was NorpreneŽ A-60-F-IB)
Food Processing Tubing, Reinforced for pressure, Autoclavable, FDA, 3-A and NSF criteria TygonŽ Pressure Tubing A-60-F I.B.
TygonŽ A-60-F
(was NorpreneŽ A-60-F)
A long flex life tubing that is unaffected by wide temperature variations; formulated specifically for hot food and beverage processing and dispensing. Meets FDA, NSF 51, and 3-A Sanitary Standards for Plastics Criteria. TygonŽ Pressure Tubing A-60-F 
TygonŽ A-60-G (was Norprene A-60-G) Industrial Grade, -75F (-60C) to 275F (135C), Exhibits extremely high flexural fatigue characteristics, excellent chemical resistance and an ability to handle a wide temperature range. An all-around top performer for numerous industrial peristaltic pump applications. TygonŽ Pressure Tubing A-60-G
Tygon S3 B-44-3
(was TygonŽ B-44-3)
Beverage Tubing is specially formulated for transferring a wide variety of beverages including soft drinks, fruit juices, flavored teas and bottled water. In virtually all cases, Tygon� Beverage Tubing will not affect the taste or odor of product transferred through it, while its excellent non-wetting properties facilitate complete drainage and permit simple flush-cleaning. TYGONŽ Beverage Tubing B-44-3
TygonŽ S3 B-44-4X
was TygonŽ B-44-4X)
Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing for dependable performance in countless filling, draining, transfer and processing applications. Its smooth, non-porous bore inhibits particle entrapment, promoting a sanitary fluid path by minimizing potential for bacterial growth. It has outstanding resistance to harsh alkaline cleaners and is equally unaffected by commonly used sanitizers.
Non-toxic, taste-free and odor-free, Tygon Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing meets applicable regulatory standards for contact with food products. Complete clarity for positive visual inspection and flow control.
TYGONŽ Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing B-44-4x
TygonŽ S3 B-44-4X-IB (was TygonŽ B-44-X-IB) Handles four times the pressure of non-reinforced tubing, Smooth, non-porous bore won't trap particulate matter. Clear wall for visualization of flow. Meets FDA, 3-A and NSF criteria TYGONŽ Pressure Tubing B-44-4X-IB
Tygon F-4040-A Maintains pumpability and resists cracking when transporting fuels, lubricants and other hydrocarbon based products. TYGONŽ Fuel and Lubricant Tubing F4040A
VersilonŽ 2275 IB
was TygonŽ 2275 IB)
TygonŽ 2275 I.B. helps maintain product integrity during fluid transfer in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. Loss of fluid through migration into the tubing or adherence of fluid onto the tubing walls may create inconsistencies in final product results. Tygon� 2275 I.B. is hydrophobic and resists the sorption (absorption/adsorption) of aqueous fluids. This reduction in sorption minimizes the risk of fluid alteration in single or repeat-use applications.
Tygon 2275 I.B. High Purity Tubing is entirely free of any plasticizers. This unique tubing uses the latest in polymer technology to provide a clear (between braid) and flexible tubing choice for sensitive fluid transfer applications.
Tough braid reinforcement for elevated working pressures.
VersilonŽ High-Purity Pressure Tubing 2275 IB
VersilonŽ 2275
(was TygonŽ 2275)
2275 is ideal for handling sensitive fluids such as pharmaceutical or biological solutions. There is virtually no absorption of key fluid constituents into the tubing material or fluid adsorption onto the tubing walls. As a result, fluid alteration and loss is limited. There is no plasticizer to leach into or contaminate the fluid, yet the tubing remains flexible. It can be sterilized by radiation, ethylene oxide, steam or chemical methods. VersilonŽ High-Purity Tubing 2275
VersilonŽ SE-200
(was Tygon SE-200)
Inert Tubing can handle many applications where flexible tubing of the past could not be used. Its FEP inner liner provides the ultimate in chemical resistance and can handle a wide variety of fluids from corrosives to MEK-based solvents. The liner is inert, meaning it will not extract or contaminate fluids being transferred. The fluid path will not impart odor or taste, making it well-suited for food and beverage use. It meets FDA criteria for food and beverage applications, as well as USP Class VI criteria for biocompatibility. VersilonŽ Inert Tubing SE-200
TygonŽ S3 E-3603
(was TygonŽ R-3603)
Consistently unaffected by virtually all inorganic chemicals. TygonŽ E-3603 provides the laboratory pump user with repeatedly reliable results. Low spallation. Meets FDA criteria. TYGONŽ Laboratory Tubing E-3603
TygonŽ S3 E-LFL
(was TygonŽ LFL)
Clear and flexible, provides the longest life in peristaltic pumps where other clear, plastic tubings fail. Ideally suited for bulk transfer applications. Low spallation. Meets USP Class VI and FDA criteria. TYGONŽ Long Flex Life Pump Tubing E-LFL
TygonŽ ND-100-80
(Was TygonŽ S-54-HL)
The most widely specified tubing for use in the handling of food, beverages and dairy products. TygonŽ B-44-3 tubing meets appropriate FDA, NSF 51, and 3-A Sanitary Standards for Plastics Criteria. Low spallation. TYGONŽ Microbore Tubing ND-100-80
TygonŽ SPT-3350
(was Tygon 3350)
Designed for high-purity applications,  Sanitary Silicone Tubing's ultra-smooth inner bore can reduce the risk of particle entrapment and microscopic buildup during sensitive fluid transfer.
It has also been fully characterized using the ISO 10993 standards, reducing user cost and time associated with process validation.
TYGONŽ Sanitary Silicone Tubing SPT-3350
TygonŽ 2375
(was TygonŽ 2075)
Ultra Chemical Resistant Tubing offers an unequaled combination of chemical resistance, clarity and flexibility and is virtually unaffected by acids, bases, ketones, salts and alcohols, fitting the requirements of many applications from battery acid filling to hazardous material handling. It's entirely plasticizer-free, eliminating fluid contamination and the premature embrittlement and cracking common with many flexible tubings. Its exceptionally smooth inner surface inhibits particulate buildup and reduces the potential for contamination. TYGONŽ Ultra Chemical Resistant Tubing 2375
VersilionŽ E-1000
(was TygonŽ R-1000)
An extremely soft and flexible tubing, TygonŽ R-1000 offers long life and minimal resistance to compression in low torque peristaltic pumps. Meets FDA and NSF 51 criteria VersilonŽ Ultra Soft Tubing E-1000
TygonŽ SPT-3370 IB (was TygonŽ 3370 IB) Sanitary Silicone Pressure, produced from a platinum-curing process that helps ensure the highest level of biocompatibility available. The ultra smooth inner surface and the ability to be cleaned and sterilized repeatedly in CIP and SIP systems helps to maintain fluid integrity throughout sensitive fluid transfer or processing. Braid-reinforced for increased pressure resistance, it also provides flexibility, durability, and chemical and temperature resistance to make it the ideal pressure tubing for a wide variety of industries. TYGONŽ Silicone Sanitary Pressure Tubing SPT-3370 IB
VersilonŽ NT-80
(was TygonŽ NT-80)
Four times greater working pressure versus non-reinforced PVC tubing. Excellent chemical resistance to weak acids, mineral salts, weak alkalies, plating solutions, water, and salt water. Maximum recommended operating temperature is 160F.   Flexible Reinforced PVC Tubing- An economical reinforced PVC tubing, NT-80 tubing features white polyester cord embedded within its walls. With a Shore A Durometer of 80 hardness, this clear flexible tubing meets FDA requirements for food handling. VersilonŽ NT-80 Reinforced PVC Tubing
VersilonŽ 2001
(was TygonŽ 2001)
Provides low compression set properties of a thermoset rubber in a clear, flexible tubing. Meets FDA criteria. VersilonŽ 2001 Plasticizer Free Tubing
VersilonŽ R-3400
(was TygothaneŽ R-3400)
R3400 shows exceptional resistance to strong acids and many alkalies. Black in color, it is resistant to ultraviolet light, ozone and weathering, making it ideal for many outdoor applications. It has sufficient wall thickness to block transmission of all UV light. UL 94V-O and UL 94HB flammability rating. VersilonŽ R-3400  UV Resistant Tubing
VersilonŽ C-210-A (was TygothaneŽ C-210-A) Polyurethane, ester-based, high tear strength and excellent abrasion resistance make it ideal for many applications, including fuel and lubricant lines, pneumatic lines, abrasive product transfer and cable jacketing. It also offers exceptional resistance to oils, greases, fuels and many chemicals. VersilonŽ Tubing C-210-A Polyurethane Tubing
VersilonŽ C-544-IB (was TygonthaneŽ C-544-A-IB) More flexible than many other reinforced urethane tubings, Tygothane Pressure Tubing can be used in some of the most physically demanding applications, such as those requiring a tight bend radius. Specially formulated from tough, ether-based polyurethane resin, Tygothane Pressure Tubing is resistant to a range of chemicals, including oils, greases, solvents and chemicals. VersilonŽ Tubing C-544-IB Polyurethane Tubing
VersilonŽ F-5500-A (was FluranŽ F-5500-A) Made of a proprietary fluoroelastomer, FluranŽ Severe Environment Tubing has both the physical and chemical characteristics that make it ideal for severe environments, such as dry cleaning fluid lines and solvent recovery systems, where other flexible tubings fail. Fluran� Severe Environment Tubing can be used in continuous service with temperatures as high as 400F (204C) and has excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals, oils, fuels, solvents and most mineral acids.

This opaque, black tubing helps protect light-sensitive materials being transferred and will not prematurely crack and age when exposed to ozone, sun and weather. It is highly flexible and resilient, making it the ideal choice in peristaltic pumping of extremely corrosive materials.
VersilonŽ F-5500-A Tubing
PharmedŽ BPT Low spallation, low gas permeability and an unequaled flex life will minimize the risk of fluid exposure in sensitive applications.  Biocompatible, non-toxic and non-hemolytic, an excellent choice in pharmaceutical processing, tissue and cell culture applications.  Meets FDA, NSF 51 and USP Class VI criteria. Fully tested to ISO 10993 standards. PharmedŽ BPT Tubing
VersilonŽ SPX-50
(was VersilicŽ SPX-50)
A peroxide cured silicone that provides long life, strength and durability. Meets FDA, NSF 51, 3-A Sanitary Standards for Plastics and USP Class VI criteria. VersilonŽ SPX-50 High-Strength Silicone Tubing
VersilonŽ SPX-70 IB
(was VersilicŽ SPX-70-IB)
SPX-70IB optimizes critical physical properties such as tensile strength, elongation and compression set, resulting in a more physically durable product. Its ultra-smooth inner bore reduces the risk of particle entrapment during fluid transfer.

In addition, Versilic High-Strength Silicone Pressure Tubing will remain resilient and durable under extreme operating temperatures and repeated cleaning and sterilization.
USP Class VI Criteria and is entirely non-toxic, non-hemolytic and non-pyrogenic.
Temperature resistant from -112F to 320F
Silicone High Pressure Tubing - VersilionŽ SPX-70 I.B


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